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Women Entrepreneurs Collective: March 2024 Meetup

Women Entrepreneurs Collective: March 2024 Meetup

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
7-9:00 p.m.

Join us for our monthly meetup of Women Entrepreneurs Collective. Our evening of connection and collaboration will include:
  • Featured speaker Erin Nicole Porter on Healing Your Attachment Style in Business
  • Breakout groups to explore key topics and takeaways
  • Community circle and reflections

Healing Your Attachment Style in Business

Attachment Styles are often focused on in relationships; however, we have a relational dynamic with everything in life including money and business. Building a more secure attachment style in your business and relationship to your finances allows for a more regulated nervous system and increasing your capacity to receive. Attachment Healing is something that must happen in connection, as the rupture took place in connection. Through unique practices + knowledge, you will get to co-regulate to help your nervous system to feel more supported in your business.

Takeaways / Lessons Learned…

  • Understanding your attachment style with money and your business
  • Co-regulation practices
  • Subconscious reprogramming through hypnosis for building a secure attachment with money and your business

Erin Nicole Porter is a Business Mentor and High Performance Healer, bestselling author, Founder of the Quantum Ripple Effect Coaching Certification and host of The Energetics of Business Podcast.

She supports her clients on the deeper emotional work, helping them scale through trauma informed business practices, internal healing, and understanding the energetics of business. Through somatic attachment repair, nervous system regulation, breathwork, + hypnotherapy, she teaches women entrepreneurs to heal internally so their businesses can thrive and how to align their business strategy with the energetics of business. Erin's clients have built multi-million dollar businesses, become international speakers and have found business growth through a regulated nervous system.

In her board certified coaching certification: The Quantum Ripple Effect, she certifies coaches in somatic and subconscious coaching modalities. Erin’s clients have incredible internal transformation and have skyrocketed their income through nervous system regulation.

She has a Masters in Education, backgrounds in Crisis Management, Student Development, and Marketing and has spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. After spending years in her hustle, go-go high achieving energy, her business skyrocketed when she tapped into her receiving energy, and began to heal the parts of her she hadn’t felt safe revealing.

Erin's toolkit includes Master Practitioner & Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training and Adult Attachment Repair Model Therapist. She is the author of the bestselling book, Burnout to Breakthrough and the Breakthrough Oracle deck. She lives in San Diego, CA with her two puppies, but is a country girl from small-town Ohio at heart.

Please arrive by 6:45 p.m. to leave time for parking and ordering any food and drink from Maya Moon's organic cafe menu before you get settled!

Entrepreneurs who have been in business 1-2 years or more and who identify as female/feminine are welcome.

Located at:
Maya Moon Collective
3349 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116