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Warm Hearted: Cacao Circle & Slow Flow Yoga

Warm Hearted: Cacao Circle & Slow Flow Yoga

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Monday, October 4, 2023
7:30-9:30 p.m.

Join Maya Moon founder Kathryn Rogers and spirited yoga teacher Jaclyn Miles for warm hearted cacao, slow flow yoga and community conversation. This special event is an opportunity to come together, open our hearts and connect through cacao, yoga and self-reflection. All are welcome!

***Please bring a yoga mat!

About Jaclyn Miles:

Jaclyn is an inspired and spirited yoga teacher originally from Canada. She started practicing yoga around 15 years ago and has been teaching for almost 11 with training in vinyasa, ashtanga and sivatantra. To Jaclyn, yoga is a reconnection: a deeper dive into ourselves and a bringing together each other. A practice to get back to our roots and our natural rhythm. To remind ourselves - we are warriors, we are creators, we are magic. Her classes are energetic, playful and will get you flowing, but at the same time remind you to be present and slow down with focus on the breath, to nourish the soul.

About Kathryn Rogers:

Kathryn Rogers is an earth guardian and founder/owner of Maya Moon. She has facilitated hundreds of community circles around the world and has had the joy and privilege of sitting in meditation with the sacred plant medicine of cacao for more than a decade. As a trained shamanic practitioner and ThetaHealing guide, she infuses her circles with reverence for all life, Mother Earth and the divine beauty and wisdom that resides within each of our hearts. She also has a Masters of Science in Health Communication and dedicates her life to inspiring healthy change in ourselves and the world. 

Benefits of Cacao

  • Increases energy and blood flow in the heart and throughout the body

  • Releases feel-good chemicals in the brain

  • Supports natural detoxification

  • Activates pleasure sensors to support positive transformation

  • When paired with herbs and spices, offers functional support for alignment: body, mind and spirit

Located at:

Maya Moon Collective
3349 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116