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Mantras & Medicine Songs

Mantras & Medicine Songs

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Thursday, January 20, 2022
7:00-9:00 p.m.

Join us for an evening of musical meditation as we chant & sing in community. When we come together to cultivate devotion & connection to the Divine - we create a very powerful energy field for collective healing & upliftment. Sacred songs will be led by Misty Tomasino, Kirti Srivastava & Trevor Dean Arthur and will be sung in various languages. Group participation is encouraged but not mandatory: you're welcome to simply receive. We will open with a guided cacao meditation led by the beautiful heart-centered Nazdira Cuevas and will close the evening with the celestial sound healing delights of Misty Tomasino.

This event will be held on our heated outdoor patio. Wear layers to stay warm and cozy and bring a meditation cushion or something to sit on the ground on.

Ticket includes cup of cacao shared in opening ceremony.

About our song leaders:

San Diego native, Misty Tomasino experienced a life-changing event at age 20, which led her to Costa Rica for some soul searching. She got sober and discovered the Sat Yoga Ashram & Institute which she was a member for 7.5 years. This meeting of the community ignited one of many paths for her. Particularly the path of Devotion known as Bhakti Yoga. She always knew from a young age that she had a good ear for music and raw natural talent but had only experience in learning her favorite rock songs on guitar or playing her neighbors drum kit. When she experienced her first group chanting in Costa Ricaher whole relationship to music and its place in her life changed, leading her to drum for kirtan at retreats, festivals and sacred gatherings of all sorts. While mostly known as a percussionist, Misty is now starting to lead her favorite heart songs and is so grateful to share her passion for spirituality, music and plant medicine, thereby nourishing our mind, body and soul to become our best selves.

Kirti Srivastava, also San Diego native and 1st generation Indian, grew up much of her life influenced by a Hindu family and culture within America. A devotee to Mantra, Poetry and Hip Hop, she offers a unique approach in integrating the healing benefits of Sanskrit along with activating Creative Flow and Emotional Release. Kirti will be inviting All to engage with Breath (Rhythmic Breath Work), Movement (Hand Gestures & Embodiment) and SoundVibration (Voice) to invite a collaborative and transformative process to activate the Medicine of Mantra.

A devoted practitioner of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Trevor. Dean Arthur was introduced to kirtan by his teacher, Tim Miller of Encinitas, a great Hanuman bhakta, who led small, post-pranayama chanting circles and would religiously offer the Hanuman chalisa together with his students each Tuesday morning. Immediately intrigued and enchanted by the potency of mantra, Trevor’s path subsequently led him to Kali Mandir, in Laguna Beach, where he discovered devotion to Ma Kali, and received the blessing of acquaintance with the principles and practices of a traditional Tantric lineage of bhakti yoga. Trevor remains ever thirsty for new experiences of illumination, devotion, and spiritual growth. He relishes any opportunity to chant divine names and prayers in communion with fellow spiritual seekers.

Nazdira Cuevas, Medicine Maker, Chocolatier, Homeschooling Teacher, Space Holder and Steward of Our Mother Earth will be facilitating the opening cacao meditation along with some of her favorite heart songs!

Please arrive by 6:45 p.m. to get settled in before we begin.

Located at:
Maya Moon Collective
3349 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116