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Cacao Facilitator Master Class
Cacao Facilitator Master Class
Cacao Facilitator Master Class
Cacao Facilitator Master Class

Cacao Facilitator Master Class

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To share more love with the world, you must first share more love with yourself

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine whose history, energetics and modern reemergence are both mysterious and powerful. With more than 95% of cacao and chocolate worldwide coming from unethical and unsustainable sources, how can you know how if the cacao you are working with is causing harm or good? How can you ensure that you are honoring yourself, cacao’s lineage, your community, and Mother Earth when you enjoy or serve cacao? What are the secrets to preparing the most delicious, nutrient dense and silky cacao both for yourself and in large batches to serve to your community?  

**Enrollment for Cacao Facilitator Master Class for Spring 2023 is now closed. Our next session will begin in Fall 2023. Subscribe to our email list for more information.

Join Maya Moon founder Kathryn Rogers for a six-month immersive into the world of cacao. Whether you are a facilitator looking to feel confident serving the highest quality cacao at your events and retreats with reverence and love, or you are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself and the heart of life, this course is for you.

Together, we will explore the rich tapestry that interweaves cacao’s ancient wisdom with modern heart-centered service. Course content includes:

  1. Holding ritual for self: sitting with cacao
  2. Getting to know cacao: history, energetics and health benefits for body, mind & spirit
  3. Sourcing ethos: direct trade & beyond
  4. Honoring sacred plant medicine: exploring lineage (place, ancestry, spirit), culture & integrity
  5. Cacao preparation & herbal infusions
  6. Holding circle for others: sensory activation, safe space & energetics

Your registration for only $555 (more than 50% savings on program valued at $1111) includes:

  • Seven deep-dive video training courses
  • Monthly workshop and reflection questions
  • Eight live virtual cacao circles + Q&A sessions with Kathryn and fellow program members
  • Access to an exclusive Signal chat group for sharing resources and insights throughout the program
  • Six bags of Maya Moon’s organic drinking cacao blends shipped to your door to be enjoyed in your daily ritual preparations throughout the program
  • Bonus: the first 10 people to enroll in the program will receive a one-pound brick of regenerative 100% Ecuadorian cacao…an exclusive gift from Kathryn’s private cacao collection

This is the only time you will have direct access to Kathryn’s in-person teachings at 50% off the retail price. As an inaugural member of Maya Moon’s Cacao Facilitator Master Class, you will also receive lifetime access to all courses included in the facilitator training program and wholesale pricing on Maya Moon drinking cacao blends for resale and group experience facilitation.

We begin our journey together on March 19th with the Spring Equinox and will complete our training with the Autumn Equinox on September 24th. Register today to receive your drinking cacao blends in time for the program to begin!

About your guide Kathryn:

Kathryn Rogers is a medicine woman, entrepreneur and chocolatier. She has dedicated her life to connecting with nature’s healing ingredients and empowering people around the world to discover greater vitality in body and mind. Her company, Maya Moon Co., was born out of her love for cacao and healthy food, and her vision to collaborate in support of thriving local and global ecosystems. She has facilitated hundreds of cacao ceremonies around the world and has had the joy and privilege of sitting in meditation with the sacred plant medicine of cacao for more than a decade. As a trained shamanic practitioner and ThetaHealing guide, she infuses her rituals with reverence for all life, Mother Earth and the divine beauty and wisdom that resides within each of our hearts.