Shop organic drinking cacao blends for heart-opening decadence with functional benefits

A better start to your day.

Maya Moon Golden Cacao is an energizing coffee alternative made from all organic ingredients chosen for their delicious flavor, rich mouthfeel and health benefits. With only the natural caffeine from whole bean cacao, Golden Drinking Cacao gives you healthy and natural energy without the jitters and crash.

Shown to help:

+ Increase energy without jittery coffee feeling
+ Connect your heart and your mind for greater alignment
+ Boost your mood
+ Give up to 6 hours of sustained energy with no crash
+ Support brain function*
+ Stimulate your cardiovascular system*


10 servings • 14oz
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Elevate your morning with no midday crash

Quit coffee with the most delicious brain fuel that will give you sustained energy, a boosted mood and support brain function: cacao + inflammation-busting herbs and MCTs

Inside Golden Drinking Cacao

Why drink golden cacao?

The most deliciously decadent brain and body fuel to start your day feeling like a golden sunbeam.

Our synergistic drinking mix is packed full of functional ingredients to support optimum function. Your heart will love the antioxidants from whole bean cacao. Your brain will love the added fuel from MCT-rich coconut milk. Your muscles and joints will love the inflammation-busting benefits of ginger and turmeric. And your body and detoxification organs will love the mineral-rich sweetness from maple sugar.

Not to mention your taste buds, who will be thanking you all morning as you soar into your day with an energy boost for up to 6 hours.

How we drink our cacao.

Simply blend, shake or whisk ¼ cup of our finely ground mix into 8 ounces of hot water for the most creamy, rich and delicious mug of wake-you-up delight.

We especially love taking a few deep breaths with our first sips to fully savor the flavor and kick the morning off right.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you're going to love our golden cacao. But if you don't for any reason. Send it back for 100% of your money back.

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Get all day energy.

Ready to start a healthy new morning ritual? Get the energy you need to tackle your day without the jittery caffeine after effects.

Golden Cacao is much gentler on your body than coffee, and you'll love the taste.