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Mexican Sol Drinking Cacao
Mexican Sol Drinking Cacao

Mexican Sol Drinking Cacao

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Connect to the warmth and wisdom of Mexican sunshine with our 100% Mexican origin drinking cacao blend.

This deliciously sweet and slightly smoky blend is made with whole bean organic cacao from indigenous farmers practicing agroforestry in Tabasco, MX, ground fine with organic panela (dried sugar cane juice). Organic cinnamon, annatto and ancho chili added sweet, slightly spicy and smoky notes. 

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of each bag go to support axolotl preservation in Mexico. The axolotl is an endangered salamander that dwells primarily in the canals and streams near Mexico City.

Each bag contains original artwork by Scum, a popular digital art and NFTs artist inspired to discover his Mexican-American heritage through art.

Funds raised will be used to support the creation of an axolotl-themed art installation by Gio Mantis, a Mexican visual artist and art event producer, that aims to educate viewers about the axolotl and its importance to the ecosystem. Mantis is known for her environmental murals, which adorn walls and buildings all over the world. This specific work will be in her hometown of Mexico City.

Each beautiful bag contains 10 rich and creamy servings. Just whisk, shake or blend 1/4 cup of golden cacao mix into 6 ounces of hot water for the perfect drinking cacao, every time.

Made with Organic Ingredients, Naturally Sweetened, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Ingredients: organic direct trade cacao, organic dried sugar cane, organic cinnamon, organic annatto, organic ancho chili

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