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Adaptogen Drinking Cacao
Adaptogen Drinking Cacao

Adaptogen Drinking Cacao

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Support health and balance in your body with the most decadent and delicious drinking cacao made with adaptogenic mushrooms.

Our adaptogen drinking cacao is made with whole bean organic cacao from a collective of small farms in Ecuador, ground fine with organic maple sugar. Chaga and reishi mushroom extracts are added as powerful adaptogens to help bring your body back to whole health. The addition of cinnamon, chile powder and cayenne balance the earthy notes with no spicy aftertaste, helping to warm and energize you.

Each beautiful bag contains 10 rich and creamy servings. Just whisk, shake or blend 3 tablespoons of cacao mix into 6 ounces of hot water or milk for the perfect drinking cacao, every time.

    Drinking cacao as part of your daily wellness ritual is a powerful heart-opening experience that supports optimum brain function and boosts your mood.  Our organic drinking cacao is a great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays or your next cacao ceremony.

    Made with Organic Ingredients, Maple Sweetened, Dairy Free, All Natural, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly

    Ingredients: organic direct trade cacao, organic maple sugar, organic reishi mushroom extract, organic chaga mushroom extract, organic cinnamon, organic chile powder, organic cayenne

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