Shop organic drinking cacao blends for heart-opening decadence with functional benefits

Moon Balance Drinking Cacao
Moon Balance Drinking Cacao
Moon Balance Drinking Cacao

Moon Balance Drinking Cacao

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Balance your monthly cycle with our Moon Balance Drinking Cacao.

This decadent drinking cacao is made with a synergistic blend of organic herbs that have traditionally been used to:

  • Reduce hormonal mood swings and hormonal acne
  • Minimize bloating and cramps
  • Support gentle detoxification

Plus whole organic cacao is rich in magnesium and antioxidants which help your body to relax and provide a natural mood boost.

Each beautiful bag contains 10 rich and creamy servings. Just whisk, shake or blend 2.5 tablespoons of moon balance cacao mix into 6 ounces of hot water or plant milk for the perfect drinking cacao, every time.

Treat yourself with love while you enjoy gentle and soothing support to balance your hormones.

Made with Organic Ingredients, Maple Sweetened, Dairy Free, All Natural, Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly

Ingredients: organic direct trade cacao, organic maple sugar, organic dandelion root powder, organic milk thistle seed powder, organic chaste berry extract powder