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Ceremonial Drinking Cacao - 10 Servings

Ceremonial Drinking Cacao - 10 Servings

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Gift bag with 10 servings of ceremonial cacao, sourced from the Amazon in Ecuador and Peru and roasted to perfection.

Theobroma cacao "the food of the gods" has been enjoyed in ceremony since its cultivation thousands of years ago. Rich in antioxidants and considered a heart-opener, this sacred plant medicine is a wonderful and decadent support for connecting to more love.

Our 100% Organic Peru cacao comes from a collective of small family farms in the jungles of Peru, who follow organic growing practices as stewards of Mother Earth. Its flavor notes are roasty, warm and sweet. It helps connect you to nurturing grandmother moon medicine.

Our 100% Organic Ecuador Collective cacao comes from a group of small family farms who follow certified organic and Rainforest Alliance growing practices. Its flavor notes are smokey, caramel and creamy. It helps connect you to feelings of inner warmth and helps to ignite your heart on fire.

Each order comes with our recipe for making ceremonial drinking cacao.

Ingredients: 100% pure cacao paste

Includes ten 21-gram servings